Phalaris’s Bull:

Solving the Riddle of the Great Big World


Harvard-educated, molecular biologist, visual artist and provocative underground philosopher, Steven Friedman has the answers to life’s big questions. Presented by Al Corley (Dynasty), this one-of-a kind theatrical event – neither play nor lecture – is staged to reflect Friedman’s prismatic and eclectic vision of the world using personal narrative, poetry, art and science to tell the story of a contemporary philosopher's quest to fulfill Einstein's ambition "to solve the riddle of the great, big world."

In a spell-binding and often divisive performance, Friedman offers a solution to the world’s pain – a philosophy based on Kierkegaard’s story in which an ancient torture device, Phalaris’s bull, turned the terrible sounds of pain into music.  To create is to enter Phalaris’s bull, and our pain becomes beauty.

Phalaris’s Bull: Solving The Riddle of the Great Big World played its final Off-Broadway performance on January 16, 2016 at the Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row in New York City.